Standard Type 5A – Molecular Sieve


Type 5A Molecular Sieve is a synthetic zeolite with microporous aluminosilicate crystals composed of a silicon-oxy tetrahedron and an alumina tetrahedron. 5A Molecular Sieve is an A-type crystal with a pore size of 5 Angstroms in diameter and has undergone an ion exchange, replacing a sodium (Na) ion with a Calcium (Ca) ion to provide a larger pore size than 4A Molecular Sieve.

Product Application

Standard 5A can be used to remove water, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons from feed gas in air pre-purification units. This Molecular Sieve can also be used in PSA separation for paraffin and isoparaffin mixtures (n-C4?n-C6 mixtures), to purify air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and synthesis gases from mixed gas streams, dehydrate and purify LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), ammonia cracked gas, and other industrial gases or liquids and also in the dehydration and purification of inert gas.

Product Specification
PropertyUnit4×8 Mesh4×8 Avg*8×12 Mesh8×12 Avg*
Diametermm2.5 – 5.01.6 – 2.5
Bulk Densitylb/ft343.1 – 46.844.7844.9 – 48.745.65
Crush Strengthlbf≥ 15.728.58≥ 5.69.4
Static H2O Adsorptionwt%≥ 21.522.13≥ 21.522.62
Static CO2 Adsorptionwt%≥ 15.0≥ 15.0
Attritionwt%≤ 0.10.08≤ 0.10.08
Moisture Contentwt%≤ 1.50.39≤ 1.50.50
PackagingBead2,204.6lb / Super Sack330.7lb / Drum

*Avg refers to a 12 month average of lot analyses

Industries Used
  • Natural Gas
  • Inert Gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Synthetic Gas
  • Ammonia Cracked Gas
  • Oxygen

Adsorbents cannot be exposed in the open air and should be stored in dry conditions with air-proof packaging.

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